Pontoon boats are popularly known as “party boats”, and are great for groups of people or families. A pontoon boat has large round tubes attached to the outside bottom edge of a large flat deck. A safety railing is provided on all sides of the deck, and the helm is either in the middle of the deck or off to one side. A canopy covers the top of the deck if needed. Pontoon boats are known to be very safe and stable and are great for use on lakes, where the water is relatively calm. Pontoon boats are easy to operate and maneuver and do not require previous experience.


Avalon Pontoons

Pontoon boats are a local favorite on Lake George. Some places to visit are Dollar Island, Red Rock Bay, Black Mountain Point, Paradise Bay, The Narrows, Long Island, Log Bay and Sandy Bay.


Not all boats necessarily available at all times.
Boats are rented on a first come, first served basis and come in and out throughout the day. Open daily @ 9am.